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"Our exceptional, personalized service goes beyond any online service"

The staff at Russian Connections is fluent in English, Russian, and Ukrainian languages and can assist you with travel to Russia, or other points of the globe, many have over 10 years experience arranging travel to Russia.

We gave booking online a try, it did not live up to our expectations. No online engine can do what our experienced agents can when it comes to arranging your next trip to Russia.

Tickets within Europe, Russia and CIS

As we like to say Russian Connections is your agency for Everything Russia. We can offer you tickets on most airlines that operate within Russian and former Soviet States that most other travel websites and agencies cant. This form is meant for people that require travel from Europe or Asia to cities with in Russian and former Soviet States, or those that need to travel within Russia and CIS. Thank you for using Russian Connections!

Other International Tickets

As a major seller of airline tickets to Russia & CIS, we have special rates on major carriers such as Air France, Aeroflot, Austrian Airlines. We also have great fares on Delta, United, Lufthansa, Air France, KLM, Aeroflot, Aerosvit, Alitalia, Asiana and other international airlines.


We can arrange hotels to satisfy any taste, from luxurious to boutique to economy. We’ll find you something to suit your needs and give you the best experience for your stay.
For the best deals, call toll free: 1-877-RUS-CONN OR 1-877-787-2666 or email